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Seamless Intra-Company Transfers to the U.S.

L-1 Visa

The L-1 visa facilitates the transfer of key employees to the U.S. when expanding or establishing your business presence. Ideal for managers and executives, the L-1 visa is a pathway to bringing your business acumen to the U.S. market.

Entrepreneurial Ventures with the E-2 Treaty Investor Visa​

E-2 Visa

The E-2 treaty investor visa allows individuals from treaty countries to operate a business in the U.S. This visa is renewable indefinitely, providing a robust platform for entrepreneurs and their families to live and work in the U.S.

Permanent U.S. Residency through Investment

EB-5 Visa

The EB-5 visa program is a gateway to permanent U.S. residency through investment. With options for investing in Regional Centers or standalone enterprises, the EB-5 visa is a path to contributing to the U.S. economy while securing a future for you and your family.

For in-depth information on the EB-5 visa, including investment thresholds, job creation requirements, and the application process, please visit our dedicated EB-5 visa page.

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